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5 Reasons to Switch to Craft Beer

Beer has been around for thousands of years; the guy who came up with it first must have been a legend. Long ago, all beers would have been craft beers before the mega breweries came and monopolized the market. But there has been a return to craft beer preference. People have discovered that they have different tastes, and that beer can have exciting characteristics that pair better with foods and suit other occasions. With most of the world’s beer being made by the same syndicate, it is also an excellent feeling to stick up for the small businesses instead. Here are some reasons to switch to craft beer.

  1. It Tastes Better: This is probably the only reason needed; possibly the number one reason that people drink craft beer is that it tastes better. Because most mass-produced beer caters to the average taste, none of those products will likely taste better than a beer that suits your palate perfectly. Once you find your perfect craft beer, you will wonder why you bought average beer for so long.
  2. Variety: There isn’t much variety in mass-produced beers. They might be fine when you are not at home, but most of us have different tastes on different days. Sometimes you want a burger; sometimes you want Mexican or Thai food. It is the same with beer, and no one wants the same taste every time.
  3. Food Pairing: Once again, this speaks of variety; corporate beers don’t have the variety that a gourmet needs to pair foods properly. Good craft beer is a gourmet product, and it brings much more sophistication to a meal. Part of the fun is learning about a beer’s flavour profile.
  4. Healthier: Mass-produced beer is created entirely to make a profit. Not that profit is wrong, but corporations tend to do whatever they can get away with to save a penny, Including additives and lower quality ingredients. You can be sure the ingredients in your favourite craft beer are substantially more nutritious and less toxic than the big brands.
  5. Good for Humanity: Most craft beer is made by small businesses and artisans that work hard for their money just like you do, and supporting them is good for everyone. Reducing the monopoly on beer will only provide positive results to beer drinkers of the world.

If you love beer, you owe it to yourself to see all the possibilities that beer has to offer. You may have a current brand that you are faithful to, but that brand will survive if you decide to expand your experience. Just imagine—somewhere out there, there is a beer you like better, you just haven’t tried it yet.

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