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The Ultimate Guide to all things about Wine Apps

Wine apps are a great way to explore new wines, find your favorites and learn more about wine in general. This guide will discuss what types of wine apps exist and all about the wine apps.

What are wine apps?

Wine apps are the perfect way to learn more about wine. They are usually free and contain all the information you need, including tasting notes, local prices, food pairings, ratings etc.

The Types

  1. Wine apps that help you find new wines

There are several different wine discovery apps out there. These would be the most common types of wine apps you will come across when searching for one to download. Some examples include vivino, which is a great wine app for your wine needs.

  1. Wine apps that help you find your wine

Another popular type of wine app is the shopping list and price comparison apps. These would be great for winos who can’t sit down to a meal without getting their hands on the best wines out there.

Some examples include shop wines with hundreds of high-quality wines available at very competitive prices or more tailored options like Wine-searcher.


As you can see, there are many different wine apps available for iOS and Android. Some offer free services while others charge a small fee to access all the features.

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