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X-Ray Machine: A Piece Of Essential Equipment In The Medical Line

The X-ray device is essential in any dental office, as it is with it that we can observe the patient’s teeth more precisely. An indispensable aid for safer diagnoses, the x-ray device provides a low-cost examination to start your patient’s treatment.

A dental x-ray machine can provide two types of radiographs, which are periapical and interproximal. The first, periapical radiography, gives the dentist a detail of a group of teeth or a single tooth, going from the crown to the roots.

On the other hand, the interproximal gives the dentist less detailed but equally necessary images of both arches. With the interproximal radiographs, we observed the existence of caries between the teeth as well.

When purchasing your x-ray machine, carefully observe its specifications, such as:

  • Radiation isolation;
  • Stability;
  • Articulable arm;
  • Exposure time control.

With these specifications, you can have an optimal application of the exam in your diagnosis.

Handling And Maintenance

With proper maintenance from metal fabrication for medical purposes, the x-ray device delivers more reliable exams and provides more security for patients who need to do it. On the other hand, equipment without proper maintenance can deliver inadequate radiographs with low quality and thus compromise your treatment.

So that you don’t have to expose your patient several times to radiation to repeat exams, it’s best always to keep your equipment properly maintained. To find out the frequency, it is essential to consult the product’s instruction manual, indicating the correct form of use. To know how to use the equipment correctly, pay attention to the proper protections it must receive.

Handle it only with gloves on and with the equipment protected by waterproof plastic, which must be replaced each time it is used.

When activating the x-ray, it is essential to stay away from both the device and the patient, who must be using lead protection. It is not an exaggeration to remember that radiation is a grave matter and that, with it, one cannot be too careful.

Therefore, submit your device to regular tests and have a technician specialized in its operation to guide you in all maintenance.

Dental Laser

Laser is used in different areas and for different types of treatments. It is used for pain relief, anti-inflammatory actions, among other indications.

In offices, the laser is used to relieve: dentin hypersensitivity, myalgia, neuralgia, postoperative pain for treating cold sores, relieving pain. Also used in postoperative tissue repairs, traumatic and viral. Therefore, the laser can be used in daily office procedures and also in specific treatments.