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What exactly are Salted Capers

If you wish to add a tangy, salty and floral flavor to your dishes than you must know something more about salted capers. They have a salty taste because of the way in which they are processed, manufactured and then stored. Capers are not salt by themselves but are packed in salt and then brined and this is where the flavor comes from.

How Can They Be Used?

There are many ways in which salted capers can be used. They are generally used in seafood preparation and even for any other food item where salt is an important ingredient. If you wish to add the right quantity of salt to your pan sauce, you could think of using salted capers. It also can be garnished or fried for beef preparations and many use it in dishes such as caviar and eggplant. It also will taste well if it is garnished atop your favorite fish dishes. Hence it would not be wrong to mention here that this type of salt has a permanent place in the kitchen and taste buds of people belonging to some parts of Italy.

Where Is It Grown

The best of salted capers are grown in a place called Pantelleria Island. This is a volcanic island that is wind-swept lying to the east of Tunisia in Italy. Though there are different types of salted capers, the ones that are grown in Pantelleria Island are considered the best. There are four reasons for it. The volcanoes contributes to the special taste as far as their salted capers are concerned. The strong fragrance is aided by the temperature of the islands where they are grown. The capers that grow in Pantelleria Island are considered to be a rare type of plant and therefore this makes it even more special.

Where Can They Be Used

As mentioned above, the use of salted capers is limited only by ones imagination. They can be preserved naturally by using sea salt. Once this has been done these salted capers can be used in meat dishes, pasta dishes, various types of condiments and sauces. They do taste quite good. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Hence, if you are really keen on getting to know more about this special kind of salt, you should buy a pack online and start using it. You may have many reasons to use them over and over again. They do come with some health benefits also.

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