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The Many Health Benefits of Brewing Beer

If you are a beer lover and a health enthusiast, you probably believe that these two things do not go together. Beer contains a lot of calories and mass-produced products are not the healthiest thing you could buy off the shelf. Instead of depending on multinational beer sellers for your brew, why not start your own brewing station at home and create something healthier?

You Add the Ingredients

Home brewing has one obvious health benefits over commercially produced beer, you add the ingredients, so you can keep it as healthy as you wish. While home brewing, you are not going to add a variety of strange chemical or compounds. You source your own fresh ingredients and then buy home brew kits to begin the process. When you buy commercially produced beer, you never know what ingredients they add.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Moderate consumption of beer has been shown to lower your risk of heart disease. You can make a beer even healthier when you brew at home. Good quality home brew has a great anti-clotting effect which keeps blood vessels, arteries, and veins clear of any build-up. A beer a day does keep the doctor away.

Act as a Multivitamin

As you are brewing your beer from home, you can choose to make it a lot healthier than mass-produced brands. You have full control over what goes in which means you can avoid a high sugar content or chemicals. For healthy enthusiasts, drinking commercial beer is usually out of the question because of the contents. When you brew from home, you can experiment with healthy recipes and add superfoods into the equation.

Rich in Fibre

Anyone interested in eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle will know that fibre is crucial to your digestive system. Our body needs, fibre, sugar, and starches to function properly and beer has all three of them. When you brew beer from home, you can experiment with the type of sugar you put into it. You can avoid simple sugars and look for a healthier alternative.

This article has highlighted just some of the many health benefits of brewing beer at home. Even heath conscious individuals should enjoy a brew from time to time. When you create a home brew, you know what is being added to the product, so you have control over your health. When it comes to beer, consumption in moderation is key.

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