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Indian Food In Denver: Things To Try!

If you are in Denver on a leisure trip, or have a layover, you should make time to explore the incredible food scene of this city. Denver has all sorts of restaurants, eateries, pizzerias you may expect, and you will find some remarkable authentic Indian restaurants, such as Little India. Indian food in the city is surprisingly popular too. At a restaurant, it is easy to get confused with so much on offer, and for your help, we have picked top dishes that really would set your taste buds on fire!

Punjabi Samosa

This is typically a snack in India, and you will find the Punjabi Samosa a great appetizer. This is more like a nugget in Indian style, with boiled potatoes and selected spices in the center. Dip in a sauce of your choice, and we promise you will love every bite.


Momo, dumpling, gyoza – there are varied names for this recipe, but Indian momo recipe is rather different than that of Tibet or Japan. Served with a special chutney, Momo can be made out of chicken, pork, or humble veggies, with a nice thin layer on the top.

Dal soup

If you want to go mild with the spices, this is a great pick. The Indian cuisine relies on lentils in a big way, and the dal soup is made out of selected lentils, seasoned with simple spices. It is not heavy on the stomach and is great as an appetizer.

Chicken curry

The Indian chicken curry has numerous variants, and you will be surprised to find a new taste in almost every other restaurant in Denver. Ask the chef about the spice content or let the restaurant know how you would like it. Chicken curry goes well with some steamed rice, or Indian breads of your choice.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer is Indian cottage cheese, and many restaurants in the city make it in-house. The curry is mild and works well with breads, with a nice touch of extra butter. The paneer cubes are first friend, or simply dunked in the curry.


Lastly, there’s Biryani – a wholesome food in itself, and easily the best of the lot. If you have never tasted Indian food, Biryani should be the only thing on your list. With meats, often selected veggies, and even eggs, Biryani is a nice meal for those days when you don’t mind the calories.

Check online and head to the nearest Indian restaurant in Denver now!

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