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Get To Know About Color My Cookies In Detail

Can you get customized cookies?

If you are planning to get the colour of my cookies for someone you love or you are planning to gift it to someone close to you, then; it would be a great gift for sure. Also, if you can get it customized, then that would be cherry on the top because it will make the person feel as if that thing is specially made for them and; make them feel a lot special than they would have with any other gift. It can be gifted on any occasion of your choice because it is not something that; can only be gifted on just one occasion but many. To get it customized, you have to let them know how you want to get it customized; and give them the details.

Get peanut-free cookies

No matter if you are allergic to peanuts or not, you can get the cookies in both conditions of your choice. In case you are the allergic one, or you do not like peanuts for some reason, you can let the seller know about that, or you can look out for the cookies; that are not made using peanuts, which will comparatively be a simpler option for you. That way, you can get your favourite cookies made using your favourite ingredients and thus have fun eating them whenever you wish to.

How long do the cookies last?

Generally, the cookies once, made and delivered, can last up to ten days as the best ones, but if you are opening the packaging and taking them out of that, then; it might not last that long. For that, you will have to consume the cookies as early as possible so; that the taste does not get ruined. So, make sure you do not keep the cookies unconsumed for too long that the taste gets ruined and; you do not consume the cookies.

Ingredients used in the making of the cookies

All the ingredients used in the making of these cookies are naturally and not too bad for your health, which means these cookies are good for your health. Also, the colour made for the cookies is healthy as they are made using ingredients like sugar, water, meringue powder and, artificial colour (less than two per cent). All these ingredients are healthy and will not harm your body in any way so, you can be stress-free about the cookies or the colour being unhealthy for you to consume. You can know more about these cookies in detail on the official website link .

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