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Fantastic Cake Designs Perfect For A Childs Birthday

When it comes to a child’s birthday, they look forward to receiving the gifts they are given, and they also look forward to the birthday cake. You can help make your child’s birthday extra special by getting them a fantastic cake design that looks realistic, and there are many options available. Whatever their favourite things are, you can have a cake made by an expert cake designer that will look fantastic and taste delicious. Ensure you book the cake early to avoid disappointment, and below are some of the options you can consider for a jaw-dropping cake design to celebrate the birthday of your child.

A Star Wars Cake

Many children love Star Wars, girls, and boys, and if it is your child’s favourite, you can consider getting them a Star Wars themed cake for their birthday. There are many different options of Star Wars related themes that you can choose from, including:

Choose the item or character your child loves most, and then have a cake designer create a delicious cake in that form, and your child will love it and remember it for many years to come.

A Stunning Animal Cake

You can also get a stunning animal cake if your child is an animal lover or if you have a pet. A skilled cake designer can take pictures of their favourite animal or pet and make a realistic-looking cake that will look fantastic. No matter what type of animal, the sky is the limit, and your only limitations are your imagination and your budget. Some of the common animal’s people have made into cakes include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Turtles
  • Lizards
  • Giraffes
  • Elephants

If you want to have the cake made in the form of your pet, you will need to provide plenty of pictures to the cake designer so they can do an excellent job. They can look so realistic that you may be reluctant to cut them open, so ensure you take lots of pictures of the cake.

Realistic Looking Cars

If your child loves cares, then you can also have a cake made in the form of their favourite car or other motor vehicle. Many people opt for the favourite sports cars and there are plenty of options available when it comes to car cakes, such as:

  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Audi

However, there are more options available, and you can get vehicles such as tractors, airplanes, and even the Batmobile made if you use the services of a highly skilled cake designer.

Superhero Cakes

You can also consider having a cake made in the form of your child’s favourite superhero, whoever they are. You can choose from many superheroes that will make an excellent birthday cake, and your child will love it. Some of the popular options include:

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Storm
  • Superman
  • Spiderman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Give your child a birthday cake they will never forget this year, but ensure you book it in early to avoid disappointment. The cakes can look so realistic it is a shame to cut them up, so take lots of pictures so you can remember how good that delicious birthday cake looked.

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